Buying the Essentials

Just what are the essentials for an RV?

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The essentials depends on what you wish to have in the camper. We wanted just about the whole enchilada. But we had to forego a shower, just not enough room. But nothing says we can't add one later (outside camp shower). Here is the list of things that you may want to have, some of them are really really needed:

Kit. Sink
Fresh water tank
Water pump
Circuit Breaker Panel
Transfer Switch*

* parts already in our possession
Hot water heater
LP tank/bottle
Bath Sink
Black water tank
Gray water tank

Now that you have an idea of what you may want, you need to go shopping. Seeing as how a 2 door fridge costs about $1300 new, we decided to look for used. In fact all of our stuff, except for the toilet and sinks, are used. Where do you find them? Get online to RV parts on classifieds. We had to travel 700 miles round trip (St. George to SLC), 3 times, to get what we wanted. We found one man who was parting out his old motorhome: Furnace, Fridge, A/C, captain's chairs and another chair, LP tank, all for $450! Another place was selling used parts (a business) and we got a jack-knife couch, Dinette cushions, stove/oven, circuit breaker panel (which included the power cords and converter), all for $400. Since the living part of the bus is only 14' long we decided the first furnace was too big, so one more trip up and we got a smaller furnace. So we have a larger one for sale!